User Setup - ZZZ

New for Scalz Version 5

Visual CADD Version 5 was changed to fit the Windows Paradigm, which supports multiple users. This, coupled with needing to support various Operating Systems like Win98, Win2000 and WinXP, compelled us to create a different setup procedure to insure everything is installed correctly.

Typing 'ZZZ' opens the dialog shown below.

The upper left side of the dialog is for setting up Scalz for use by adding the Scalz menu items, a few buttons on the tool bar, custom hatches to your hatches.hat file, and right click context sensitive menus for a couple of tools. These features are all installed when you run the Scalz setup and can be removed if you like by opening this dialog and clicking the "Uninstall" buttons associated with each feature.

The lower left portion of the dialog is for those who use the PlaceText feature for filling in their title blocks. This button copies the Scalz TB.txt files found in the Scalz folder to the folder where the current drawing is stored.

This right side of the User Install Dialog also acts as an interface for a new feature, which can affect some of the Scalz tools both old and new. With the addition of "Entity Groups" in Visual CADD, and a few of the Scalz tools adding multiple entities to your drawings at the same time, it seemed perfect to add the feature to Scalz to automatically create a Visual CADD Group from the entitles some of the Scalz tools add.

You can go down through the list and check or uncheck whichever are tools listed, to indicate whether or not you would like Scalz to create a group from the entities it adds to your drawings by checking or un-checking the corresponding box for each tool.

Once you have made all of your settings, click the OK button to save your settings.

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