Scale Dimensions - ZDS

Have you ever started a drawing, and after a while, realized you need to change your mind about the scale you are going to need to print at? When you do this, all of the Dimensions, Text and Leaders you have already placed will print at the wrong size. "Scale Dimensions" will change all of the selected Dimensions, Leaders and Text to match the current Text Height. So, to use this tool, set the new printed scale as necessary using the Scalz menu, and then select all of the Dimensions, Leaders and Text you want to change. Type 'ZDS' and all of your Dimensions, Leaders and Text will be changed automatically. The only alterations you might need to make would be to dimensions that were placed with the "Proximity Fixed" set to "Off" and some text may "grow" to be too large for the area in which they were placed and could need to be moved.

A special note on Leaders: Leaders that are selected for conversion that have a "0" Shoulder length will be "Scaled", but left with a "0" Shoulder length. All other selected leaders will be created with a Shoulder length equal to the settings in the Scalz.ini file and the current selected "Scale".

General note: You can select entities other than dimensions and they will not be affected.

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