Full Scale Selected: ZFS

Any time you have created a section or detail that is "Blown Up" or "Scaled Up" you must set the "Dimension Text Scale" to make the dimensions correct in that view. If after you have created a view of this type, and you need to use that same view at a full or normal scale, "Scaling" that view with the Visual CADD "Scale" command will produce incorrectly scaled dimensions in the resulting view. Full Scale Selected will "Scale" that view correctly for you. To use this tool, simply select the view you want to scale just like the Visual CADD "Scale" tool, and type ZFS. Your drawing will be scaled for you and the dimensions changed to full scale also.

Note: This tool works by detecting the "Full Scale Text Height" in your Scalz.ini file and compares the text height of each selected dimensions text to that. If this tool detects dimensions that were placed at different Dimension Text Scales, an error will occur and a message box will be displayed to let you know this is the case. No action will be taken on this view. If you erase the odd dimension(s) and run the tool again, the tool will work as stated above.

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