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The Set Scale Tools are the basis of all of the Scalz tools that work based on the current drawings "Scale". This program sets up all of the different text heights, dimension settings etc. that need to be changed when you change drawing scales.

This program gives you a quick way to change between "Scales" in Visual CADD.

During the set-up of Scalz you should have placed the lines below to your cmdext.def and added the Scalz menu item to your .mnu file. The next time you start V CADD, there should be a "Scalz" option on your menu. If not, see your V CADD manual about editing menus and your cmdext.def file.

To make your text the proper size in each drawing, open the "Scalz.ini" file, which should resides in your Visual CADD "System" folder as defined in the VCADD.ini. Set each of the values for a "full scale" or "1:1" drawing and save the settings. Those settings are made in the following areas of the Scalz.ini file.





To actually set a "scale", simply click "Scalz" on your Visual CADD menu, Select "Scales" and then select the "Scale" you want, and click it. All of the settings shown in the .ini file will be changed.

If you wish to change or add scales, you can add lines to your cmdext.def file and your .mnu file. The only changes to the cmdext.def lines needed is to change the "multiplier" which is the '96' after the "DllCmdLine;" in scale0. This is the number of times the settings in your "Scalz.ini" file will be multiplied by when changing your settings. For example...If you like your text to be 1/8" tall in all of your drawings, and you want to do a "half scale" drawing, you would have to multiply all of your full scale settings by 2. So after the "DllCmdLine;" I have placed a "2" in Scale02. Thus, when this "scale" is invoked, the text height setting in V CADD will be set to 1/8 * 2, which is 1/4".

These lines should be added to your cmdext.def file for standard Architectural Scales of 1/8" = 1' - 0" to Full Size.
Scale96,Z96,,Set 1/8" Scale,Set 1/8" Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;96;DllRun;
Scale64,Z64,,Set 3/16" Scale,Set 3/16" Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;64;DllRun;
Scale48,Z48,,Set 1/4" Scale,Set 1/4" Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;48;DllRun;
Scale32,Z32,,Set 3/8" Scale,Set 3/8" Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;32;DllRun;
Scale24,Z24,,Set 1/2" Scale,Set 1/2" Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;24;DllRun;
Scale16,Z16,,Set 3/4" Scale,Set 3/4" Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;16;DllRun;
Scale12,Z12,,Set 1" Scale,Set 1" Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;12;DllRun;
Scale08,Z08,,Set 1 1/2" Scale,Set 1 1/2" Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;8;DllRun;
Scale04,Z04,,Set 3" Scale,Set 3" Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;4;DllRun;
Scale02,Z02,,Set Half Scale,Set Half Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;2;DllRun;
Scale01,Z01,,Set Full Scale,Set Full Scale,DllName;Scalz.dll;DllFunName;SetDrawingScale;DllCmdLine;1;DllRun;

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