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Scalz is an Add-On collection of useful tools and utilities for Visual CADD. 

Batch files!

Batch PDF files are here! You can now create PDF files in batches just like printing in Batches. You can also produce PDF files from multiple layer groups in your drawings with just a few clicks.
All Batch Printing and PDF creation tools now allow for a "Window Select" so you can print just a particular area of a drawing.
Many of the changes to Scalz V6 is updating Scalz to work properly with the new Visual CADD V6 format. There are few new tools like a "Spiral Tool" that allows you to draw spirals made up from arcs or "Square" spirals made up of lines. These tools are geared toward CNC users for creating cleanout paths for their tools. There are many fixes and improvements to the existing tools bringing them up to date with the new Visual CADD V6 format.
Scalz  has similar abilities to the old DOS based program Generic CADD to import and export "Batch Files" or "Macros". Surveyors will find this feature very useful as text files written by many equipment manufacturers can be directly imported into a Visual CADD drawing.
-Bisect any 2 existing line segments.
-Trim multiple entities that form a closed area instantly.
-Explode a symbol and reform the entities into a group.
-Extrusion Tool - Great for Isometric drawings.
-Create Bills of Material of all your symbols by drawing or by layer.
-Convert lines of text into the text for a leader.
-Convert multiple single lines of text and make 1 milti-line text entity.
-Insert suffixes and prefixes onto existing text entities.
-Put adjoining entities into a chain order in the database.
...and many more
Drawing Tools - View a VCD showing many Scalz tools
- Draw Revision Clouds and place triangular reference symbols.
- Shade your drawings with a spray paint tool
- Insert tabs (short segments or spaces) into line arcs or circles.
- Draw arcs of a specific length when you know the 2 end points.
- Chamfer (Bevel) across 2 lines knowing only the length of the chamfer
- Create RF's the exact size of a selected window. Print or Cut and Paste.
- Set Hatch Line Widths.
- Draw diagonal rectangles within a rectangle.
- 3 Catenary Curve Tools.
- Draw and trim lines automatically for perspective drawings.
- Project points from any view to a perpendicular line.
2 tools to add a bull nose between parallel lines.
- Project points from a view to a perpendicular line.
- Quickly place symbols of fasteners like nails screws and lag bolts.
- Quickly place symbols of common hardware items.
- Draw 3D entities including continuous lines with snaps to 3D points.
- View 3D Drawings.
- Place points at All Intersections
- Draw Diagonal angle braces from corner to corner
- Sequential Text Lines, Leaders and Bubbles
- Shade Radius Elevations in 9 different ways.
Sketch in Visual CADD. Great for Redlining.
- Convert true ellipses to "Constructed" ellipses.
- Draw isometric circles (ellipses) that match the current Isometric Mode.
- Fillet isometric corners with elliptical arcs.
- Place
equally spaced points along lines, arcs and circles.
- Draw circles that are tangent to 2 existing arcs or circles.
- Draw 2 point arcs by specifying their length.
- Radial copy around a circle without rotation (like numbers on a clock)
- Draw fitted line, and fitted spaced lines.
- Fitted copy, and fitted space copy tools
Arc Dimension Tools
- Linear Isometric Dimension Tool

Selection Filters

Select all entities on they same layer as the currently selected entities
- Hide layer of selected entities.
- Build and save selection filters for immediate use.
- Filter Dimensions
- Filter from "Selected" entities

Editing tools
- Add Ordinate Dimensions to an existing series

- Edit Overwrite, Suffix and Prefix of Selected Dimensions.
- Add new contours to hatches and fills.
- Add vertices to hatches and fills.
- Add vertices to hatches and fills off of the current boundary.
- 4 new tools to break entities at 2 intersecting entities.
- Align Text Strings.
- Align Leader Text Strings on either end of the text.
- Scale groups of symbols using their placement point as a reference point
- Layer utility for inserting and deleting layers.
Add and remove a prefix or suffix to layer names.  
- Change the font of the selected entities.
- Make selected text upper case.
- Make selected text lower case.
- Conjoin multiple lines or arcs to form a single line.
- Trim All selected entities to each other. Great for Seed Hatching
- Mirror Image tool that erases the original 
- Sequential Multi Copy - Have text increment in each copy
- Flip dimension arrows from inside to outside extension lines. 
- Convert leader text to display the length of the entity it points to.
- Find and replace text strings. (A times saver you won't believe)
- Change entity settings to current settings.
- Move duplicate entities to a specific layer for removal.
- Turn "Proximity Fixed" "OFF" on dimensions so they can be mirrored
- Text editor - Open all your configuration files at the same time!
- Trim2 Command which trims both ends of 2 entities to each other.

Drawing System
- Automatically print at current Scale
- Match Current Scale by selecting an existing dimension, leader or text.
- Automatically print multiple files and only set up the print dialog once.
- Change print scale settings with a 3 Letter command or menu selection
- Add as many printed "Scales" as you like.
- Automatically
fill in titleblocks at any print scale.
- Place and fill in customizable mapping symbols (bubbles)
- Change existing dimensions, leaders and text to the current print scale.
- Change selected entities to "full size" based on dimension text size.
- Leaders Ribalog - Place
2 and 3 Point Leaders with bubbles that are automatically filled in by selecting text from drop down lists. Huge time saver. 

-Set Symbol Explode "On", "Off" and "Toggle."
-Set Explode Continuous lines "On", "Off" and "Toggle."

Special Features
- Create cover sheets (Table of Contents) automatically.
- Import and place points  (or symbols) from an external file and place text at each point.
- Create text files from drawing text and return strings after editing.
- Monitor for potential undo-redo problems.
- Monitor for short (zero length) entities.
- Monitor for high numbers of erased entities .
- Set a leaders text to match the name of the symbol it is pointing to.
- Move entities from layer -1 from DWG conversion.
- Text Presets - text styles callable with 2 or 3 letter commands
- Tile Printing - Print large drawings on multiple small pages
- Create a new drawing from each layer in a drawing
- Write Points to File
- Zoom List - Store up to 10 views per drawing for scrolling through.
- Text Fun Ribalog for placing text on arcs lines and circles.
- Freehand program drawings to make it look like it was drawn by hand.
- Hachures Ribalog for drawing surveying hachures around curves signifying depressions on maps. This tool also allows the placing of symbols and text along curves.