Print at Current "Scalz" Scale - ZCD

This tool will read the Scale set up using the Drawing Scale Ribalog in your current drawings header and automatically open the print dialog already set to print at that scale using the current preset. Please read about Drawing Scale Ribalog for more information.

An added feature to this program for users who print "To File"...

When this program is run, it replaces the contents of your clipboard with the name of the current drawing. This is done so when the "File Save" dialog appears, you can use the Windows "Ctrl-V" (Paste) feature to automatically Paste the name of the file into the File Name edit box. See the Batch Printing dialog for selecting the format of the text to be placed on the clipboard. Note that if you are just opening the Batch Print Dialog to set your clipboard format, you can click the "Cancel" button and Scalz will still hold your clipboard selection for use with this program.

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