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What's New in V7.1

·         Set Scale/Titleblock Ribalog (ZZL) – This tool allows you to Size a Titleblock Symbol to your current view or selected entities, set the Scale of that file, and load a Visual CADD Style all with a few clicks of the mouse. This tool sets the foundation for all Scalz tools that are affected by the Scale of your drawing. Watch Video (8 Minutes)

·         Scaled Named View Support (ZVN) – Previous versions of Scalz were focused on users who create one drawing per Visual CADD file. Scalz V7.1 changes that. Users can now use “Scalz Named Views” and define each view setting the Scale for each Named View. Scalz can then determine which Named View you are currently working on by what is on your screen and setup your environment to the Scale of that particular Named View. Watch Video (8 Minutes)

·         Smart Mapping (ZY3 and ZY4) is an enhancement to the Scalz Symbol or Bubble Ribalogs. The Smart Mapping Ribalogs help you create your Mapping markers much faster and they are “Smart” because the ribalogs can check your drawings to be sure you do not place 2 Labels that are the same on the same drawing or Place a Pointer type Marker that does not Point to an existing Label. Read More…

·         Symbol Editor (ZEY) – The symbol editor is a toolbar that allows you to select a symbol and edit it. A new drawing world is opened and your symbol is placed at 0,0 in the drawing at a 1:1 Scale, then it is exploded. You can edit the Symbol and when you are done, automatically create a new Symbol from the new entities, or Replace all instances of the original Symbol with your new Symbol. Read More…

·         Change Font in Symbols Tool (Z33) – When importing drawings from other CADD programs, there are sometimes fonts that do not align properly in Visual CADD. This tool will open each of the Symbols in a drawing and replace the Text Font with the Font you specify.

·         Enhanced Batch File Printing and Converting (ZTB and ZCB) – Both of these tools were improved to allow for a preview of each file before it is Printed or Exported to PDF.  A special feature was added if you Batch Export your files to PDF…you can now create a Single PDF from the PDF files you just created using PDFtk and Open that file ready for you to View. Watch Video (18 Minutes)

·         Scaled Reference Frame tool (ZFM)    This tool allows you to define a special file in a folder as a “Base” file where you place text or other entities that you would like to have appear in all of your drawings in that same set. Then, the tool will automatically place a Reference Frame in your current drawing that references the Base drawing and “Zoom” into the correct area of the base drawing to display the area of the Base drawing that you desire. Read More… This tool is featured in the 18 miniute Video from the previous tool.

·         Replace Symbol Tool (ZYR) – When you replace Symbols using that Visual CADD Replace Symbol tool, you must replace all instances of a Symbol with the new Symbol Definition. Using the Scalz Replace Symbol tool, you can select which Symbols you want to replace and replace them with any symbol you like. The tool duplicates the Scale of the original Symbol and places the new symbol at the original Placemant Point.