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What's New in V9.0

·         Equation Maker Ribalog - (ZZQ) – A very powerful calculator that allows you to use any Visual CADD formulas so you can add fractions to decimals and Milimeters in the same equation. The Ribalog has tools to insert the length or angle of entities into your equations and can "send" the result of your equation to the Visual CADD Command Line to use in tools like inputting the lenght of a line you are drawing.


·      Door Drawing Ribalog - (ZDR) Allows you to draw banks of  doors (ie cabinet or Bifold) in a Semi Parametric way so you can create door designs and the tool will stretch them to fit in both the X (and Y directions if you choose) off the center line of the original drawing.


·      Parametric Parts Ribalog - (ZM2) This tool is similar to the Door Drawing Ribalog, but is meant to stretch any parts (drawings) to a size set in the Ribalog. You set a path to a library of drawings that the tool accesses and stretches. It sounds a lot like symbols but this tool works to keep C/L parametric dimensions in tact unlike symbols.


·      Filleted Continuous Lines Tool - (ZLC) Draws Filleted Continuous lines using the current fillet radius.


·      Masking Tools like Circular and Rectangular Masks- Move masks behind Selected Entities. Convert Hatces or Filles to Masks.


·      Dimension Tools like Dimension Text Move of Multiple Selected Dimensions and Set Dimension Suffixes and Overwrite Fields.


·      Reference Frame Tools to Update all Reference Frame Links in a drawing and Change the Referenced File name without changing the Referenced area of the drawing.


·      Snap to Arc Corners Tool - (NAC) Snap to the point where tangent lines through the end points of an Arc would meet. Think of the point where the lines of a filleted corner would meet.


·      Dimensions with Lines Tool  - (ZD3) will allow you to draw already dimensioned lines. Great for doing layouts where you want to verify your input.


New in V8.5

·         Text Reshape Tool-(ZTG) – This tool allows you to reshape blocks of text to fit a newly shaped rectangle without changing your font settings at all …Watch Video (3 Minutes)


·       Text Resize Tool (ZT3) – The tool is 3 tools in 1. You can resize your tool based on its Aspect Ratio, or Text Height. The Text Height tools work either by keeping the text insertion point the same, or the upper edge of the text the same Watch Video (3 Minutes)


·      Snap Through Tool-(SH) – This tool allows you to snap through any construction point to set the angle for a line segment. The tools sets the ortho angle to move through the snapped point then returns the ortho mode back to its original settings after the line segment is completed. Watch Video (3 Minutes)


·         Detail Creator Ribalog (ZDM) – The Detail Creator Ribalog (ZDM) allows you to automatically create details using Reference Frames or Copies of the entities in the area you select. Watch Video (5 Minutes)


·         PDF to Clipboard (ZFK) –Creates a PDF of your current drawing and attaches it to your Clipboard ready for you to Paste into an email.


·         Move / Copy Entities X Number of Layers (ZMV / ZCV) –This tool allows you to select entities, then move them to a new Layer Index by inputting a number of Layers you want them to move or be copied. Negative Numbers are accepted and the tools check to make sure you do not try to Move or Copy them to a Layer Index below 0 or above 1023.


·         Tittle Case Text (ZCQ) –This tool is an addition to the Scalz Upper Case and Lower Case text tools. "Title Case" means the first letter of each word is Capitalized and all other letters are lower case. The tool has a text file associated with it where you can specify words that are not capitalized if found in the middle of a sentance.


·         Geometry Marker Tool (ZGM) –Do you ever need to "Mark" certain entities to indicate different finishes or conditions? With this tool, you specify a "Symbol" you want to use, and it helps you place them at the proper rotation and position on eother side of an entity. This can get a bit tricky if you are trying to place a symbol on an arc or curve and it is now simple.


These tools were part of an Update in V7.1

·         Set Scale/Titleblock Ribalog (ZZL) – This tool allows you to Size a Titleblock Symbol to your current view or selected entities, set the Scale of that file, and load a Visual CADD Style all with a few clicks of the mouse. This tool sets the foundation for all Scalz tools that are affected by the Scale of your drawing. Watch Video (8 Minutes)


·         Scaled Named View Support (ZVN) – Previous versions of Scalz were focused on users who create one drawing per Visual CADD file. Scalz V8.0 changes that. Users can now use “Scalz Named Views” and define each view setting the Scale for each Named View. Scalz can then determine which Named View you are currently working on by what is on your screen and setup your environment to the Scale of that particular Named View. Watch Video (8 Minutes)

·         Smart Mapping (ZY3 and ZY4) is an enhancement to the Scalz Symbol or Bubble Ribalogs. The Smart Mapping Ribalogs help you create your Mapping markers much faster and they are “Smart” because the ribalogs can check your drawings to be sure you do not place 2 Labels that are the same on the same drawing or Place a Pointer type Marker that does not Point to an existing Label. Read More…

·         Symbol Editor (ZEY) – The symbol editor is a toolbar that allows you to select a symbol and edit it. A new drawing world is opened and your symbol is placed at 0,0 in the drawing at a 1:1 Scale, then it is exploded. You can edit the Symbol and when you are done, automatically create a new Symbol from the new entities, or Replace all instances of the original Symbol with your new Symbol. Read More…

·         Change Font in Symbols Tool (Z33) – When importing drawings from other CADD programs, there are sometimes fonts that do not align properly in Visual CADD. This tool will open each of the Symbols in a drawing and replace the Text Font with the Font you specify.

·         Enhanced Batch File Printing and Converting (ZTB and ZCB) – Both of these tools were improved to allow for a preview of each file before it is Printed or Exported to PDF.  A special feature was added if you Batch Export your files to PDF…you can now create a Single PDF from the PDF files you just created using PDFtk and Open that file ready for you to View. Watch Video (18 Minutes)

·         Scaled Reference Frame tool (ZFM)    This tool allows you to define a special file in a folder as a “Base” file where you place text or other entities that you would like to have appear in all of your drawings in that same set. Then, the tool will automatically place a Reference Frame in your current drawing that references the Base drawing and “Zoom” into the correct area of the base drawing to display the area of the Base drawing that you desire. Read More… This tool is featured in the 18 miniute Video from the previous tool.

·         Replace Symbol Tool (ZYR) – When you replace Symbols using that Visual CADD Replace Symbol tool, you must replace all instances of a Symbol with the new Symbol Definition. Using the Scalz Replace Symbol tool, you can select which Symbols you want to replace and replace them with any symbol you like. The tool duplicates the Scale of the original Symbol and places the new symbol at the original Placemant Point.